Why your offer to buy a house was rejected.

Buying a house can be time consuming, tiring and heartbreaking. You are bound to face several rejections when shopping for a home. Being rejected by the seller may cause stress and disappointment, especially when you thought you found the perfect house. First time buyers may not understand the reasons behind losing a house offer, especially when they were deeply invested in .

There are a number of reasons why your offer to purchase a house was rejected. Once you understand them, you may learn to be perseverant and also change some of the mistakes you have made the previous times.

The main reason that make seller reject your offers is when they receive a better offer.  Even though you thought the house was perfect for you, there are chances other buyers may have thought the exact thing. When there is more than one person interested in a home, the seller is guaranteed to get different offers. The seller has no obligation to provide any information about the different offers they are receiving. In some countable incidents, sellers may inform all buyers of their opponent and the prices to bargain their way into a taste full offer. Make sure you make the right calculations and plan a head, having an excess amount in your bank to prevent such problems when they arise.

An offer that is lower than what the home owner is asking may chase the seller away. An offer that is extremely below the asking price will alienate the seller. As much as you may be extremely interested in buying the home, the seller may have a different perception. The seller will reject the extremely low offer and decide to go with a client who provides a more reasonable offer.

The best price does not always win. Your offer may get rejected because it contains a number of contingencies.  It is common for seller to receive different offers from different people around the same time. Sellers accept offers that bests fit their terms and reject offers hat do not please them.  As a buyer, there is nothing wrong with putting a few requirements about a home you would like to have. Just make sure they are reasonable and easy to work with.

I f you do not have your money ready for a transaction, the owner may sell the house to an individual who is more ready. This is where the importance of loan pre-approval comes in. Make sure that your loan is approved before you go out looking for listing. With money in your account, the seller can be assured that the deals you are making are not in vain. Make sure you have the money in your account when you are making an offer to the seller. There is a wide variety of financial liabilities that could make you lose a potential home. You could make a perfect offer that is in line with the seller’s price range, but if you come in with a low deposit, chances are the seller will look for a better offer.