Tips on how to behave when working with a real estate agent

Good etiquette when dealing with other people is important. Real estate agents have training on how to work with different people, but sometimes people are difficult to understand and may cause them frustration, not only due to the high price but also the overall stress of the situation. Here are a few tips you can use while working with your agent to make your experiences smooth and memorable with minimal disagreements. The high price of moving can be helped with things like savings and mortgages, not loans. A lot of people believe that a personal, unsecured loan is the perfect way to fund the expensive period, but realistically it can end up putting you in a far worse position. For example, in debt, or just give you general financial difficulty in the future. Yes, you may believe because an unsecured loan isn’t secured against anything you have no worries, but that isn’t the case at all. Although,  a personal, unsecured loan is perfect for multiple other things like home DIY and improvements after you have moved in. In cases like this, you actually have lenders willing to lend to you and are less of a risk.


You have to understand that most real estate agents work on commission. Most affordable real estate agents do not own full-time jobs in real estate agents. The ones that work on full salary are expensive and may not fit within your budget. A commission job means that if the agent does not close the listing, they do not get paid. This can be very frustrating to an agent, especially if you keep re-visiting a house with the agent and you may not have an intention of closing on the property.


Don’t waste your agent’s time. It is common courtesy to keep time when you have an appointment with anybody. If you are running late make sure you inform the agent Do not set up spontaneous meetings and expect the agent to work within your time frame. The agent may be working for multiple clients and showing some listings to others

Dealing with listing or realtor

Decide between dealing with a listing agent or a realtor. When you choose your representative, interview them to make sure you are comfortable with each other.  Let them know you are interviewing them and why. Interviews are important to know each other on a personal level and determine whether you and work together.

Only One

Do not call separate agents for enquiry, especially if only one of them was hired to be your representative. Do not call the listing agent when the real estate company when you are working with the realtor. This may cause conflicts of interest.


Consult with your agent before making decisions on your own. When you want to attend open houses alone, make sure you confirm with your agent. Some areas don’t allow you to attend an open house without an agent. The repercussions for your actions may fall on the agent. When you attend open houses alone, make sure to hand your agents business card to any agents present in order to confirm you are represented.

Sign Agreement

Make sure you sign an agency agreement and a buyer’s broker agreement. An agency agreement allows an agent to give you an agency disclosure. A buyer’s broker agreement explains the agent’s duty and creates a relationship between you two. Do not sign forms that you do not understand. Ask your agent to explain before you put your signature on anything.

State what you expect

State your expectations to your representative to make sure they are well known. Talk to your agent about your time flexibility, your relationship with them and what kind of homes you expect. You can have an agreement on whether to meet in the office or have them pick you up at your home. Agree on the form of communication, if you want them to stick to texting you then let them know. A good agent-client relationship is key to finding a good house for you.


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