Things to expect from a real estate agent when selling your home

What to expect

Real estate agents are important when you are trying to find the perfect home. Keeping a home ready for open houses and shoes can have a toll on you, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Selling a home on your own can be unsuccessful, that’s why it is probably a good idea to hire an agent. Before you choose an agency and select the right agents to help you sell your home, you should be aware of their roles. Before we get into this blog, we hope you understand that realtors and professionals are not cheap. But, along with that, you might not have enough money to be able to afford a good realtor. But then again, you believe there is no point wasting your money on someone who is unable to do the job. A personal loan could be your best option. A personal loan is there to provide you with a loan upto £35,000, to ensure you can afford what you need too. The good thing about a personal loan is you are able to repay it over the course of upto 6 years, so it is not a shock to your bank all at once. Here are some things you should expect from realtors:

Pricing your home

Your realtor should be able to price your home correctly.  Professional real estate agents should be able to price your home without trying to please you and your business.  The agent should understand how to price your home and try to sell it as close to the original listing as possible. Pricing your house too high or low can cause major problems. Buyers may avoid high- set prices leaving your house on the listing longer than it needs to be.

Marketing Property

Expect your agent to market your property. They should make sure your property is shown to all fields that contain potential customers. They should higher professional photographers to take good pictures for advertisement online and offline. And lastly, have marketing skills and connections to marketing channels and multiple listing services


A real estate agent should be able to communicate and update you regularly on feedbacks if the open house and shows. Some agents only give feedback when they have received offers from potential clients.  You need to be informed on what is going in your home so you can fix potential and ongoing issues.


The agent should do their proper research on the clients to make sure they are qualified to buy a home. Anyone can say they want to buy a house but not everyone has the money and not everyone can be approved to get a mortgage. A good realtor will make sure the potential homeowners are pre-approved and pre-qualified. Make sure buyers have submitted their credit reports, bank accounts and income confirmation and have been pre-approved for a loan.


When negotiating a deal with a buyer, a real estate agent should fight for the needs of the seller.  A good agent will put you first before the buyer and themselves.  They are always striving for the best results from the transaction and never worried about just making their next sale.

A Realtor should be there

A realtor should attend the home inspection. Attending inspection gives them information that they may require when showing the house to potential buyers. The inspection will make agents more equipped with information when they are attending appraisal.

The agent should do their job

When closing the deal, the agent should tie all the loose ends. They do this by taking care of the little things in the house that may be problematic. The painting, repairs, kitchen appliances and furniture should be examined for the last time to make sure the buyer is comfortable at their new home.


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